Portable UV Antibacterial  Device

Portable UV Antibacterial  Device


Unique Portable UV Antibacterial  Device. Exactly suited for  Bistros, Religious Organization Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Lobby, Office, School, Hospital, Home and More!

  • Features:

    Handheld 180/360º disinfection lamp. Ideal to clean and sterilize daily objects like keyboards, computers, books and other non-living item. 99,99% sterilization rate in 10 seconds


    Technical Description
    UV Lamp power: 3w
    UV Lamp wave: UVC 253.7mm
    Time settings: 6min
    Range: 3 Foot
    Technology: Ultraviolet quartz lamp
    Size: 32x150mm
    Power supply: USB chargeable 800mA battery
    Battery life: 2H
    Color: Blue